Univ.Prof. Alison J. Clarke PhD, MA (RCA)
BA (Hons) Design History
MA (RCA) History of Design with Distinction
PhD. (Lond.) Social Anthropology

Chair, Department Design History and Theory
Research Director Victor. J. Papanek Foundation
Editor, Home Cultures: Journal of Design, Architecture and Domestic Space


Alison J. Clarke received a Masters (RCA) with Distinction in History of Design from the Royal College of Art and Victoria and Albert Museum, London (1990). She went on to complete a PhD. in Social Anthropology under the supervision of Professor Daniel Miller, University College London (2001).

She joined the University of Applied Arts Vienna, as a full-professor in 2003 having previously held a senior faculty position in Design History and Material Culture at the Royal College of Art, London. She has supervised students of design and material culture at undergraduate and post-graduate level over a period of twenty years as a Senior Faculty member of the University of Brighton, University of Southampton and Royal College of Art, London. She has held guest-lecturing posts at Chelsea College of Art, Central St. Martins School of Art & Design, University of Arts London and acted as Guest Professor in Design History and Theory at the University of Applied Arts Vienna from 1998 - 2003.

Clarke has presented research and lectured internationally at institutions including Parsons School for Design, NYC; National Museum of American History, Washington DC; University of Oxford: University College London; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Centre for Consumer Science, Sweden; and Institute of Historical Research, London.

Co-founder and Editorial Manager (with Victor Buchli, Department of Anthropology, University College London) of Home Cultures: Architecture, Design and Domestic Space (Berg: Oxford ), she is also Advisory Board member of the Journal of Consumer Culture and The Senses and Society and Editor-at-Large for online blog Material World.

She is presently engaged in several research projects including 'Doing Kinship with Pictures and Objects' (WWTF); 'The Victor Papanek Archive and Library' (BMWF); 'Home Interiors in Mass Observation' (AHRC) and Design Anthropology (Springer)  an edited volume exploring the creative merger of design and social science.

For media inquiries contact Capel & Land, London.

Professor Clarke has most recently contributed to a ground-breaking six-part television series, The Genius of Design (BBC 2010), exploring the social impact of design over the last two centuries.

Her monograph ‘Tupperware: The Promise of Plastic in 1950s America’ (2000), supported by two Smithsonian Fellowships, charts the inception and distribution of an everyday design icon. The book was optioned for a USA Emmy Award nominated film-documentary titled ‘Tupperware!’ (2004).

Clarke contributes regularly to a range of broadcasts and press in the UK (including BBC, The Guardian) and in Austria (ORF, Der Standard, Die Presse) and has previously co-presented a major television series  Home (BBC 2006) exploring the anthropology of interior design.


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