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and its Applications in Arts, Nature and Technology

Springer Wien New York, Edition Angewandte, 2012

Geometry and its Applications is meant to address those who are interested in geometrical relationships, from simple planar geometry problems to difficult tasks in spatial geometry.

The main emphasis is on the application of geometry in different fields such as engineering, architecture, biology, the arts, and music. Important geometrical terms and concepts such as multi-view projection and 3D projection, curvature of curves and surfaces, the geometry of motion, and non-Euclidian space are explained with many examples and numerous photos.

Two practical tutorials round off this volume: free-hand geometrical drawing and the geometry of photography. Easy-to-understand pieces of advice support readers as they create their own distinctive, accurate spatial sketches.


Georg Glaeser is an Austrian mathematician and has been a professor of mathematics and geometry at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna since 1998. He studied mathematics and geometry at the Technical University of Vienna from 1973 to 1978 before completing his doctorate and habilitation. Glaeser has written numerous books on computational geometry and mathematics, including "A Mathematical Picture Book" (with K. Polthier). Questions and comments concerning the book are greatly appreciated at gg@uni-ak.ac.at.

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