National Design Award
Austria´s National Design Award - the „Adolf Loos Staatspreis Design“ -was celebrated in October 2007. The student´s category „DysonInnovation Award“ was won by id2-student Talia Elena Radford Cryns. Her project „Ergoskin“ won her € 3.000,- and a Dyson vacuum cleaner. 



„Ergoskin“ is an orthopedic underwear with ergonomic bio-feedback to promote a positive posture: nano-sized, locational „sensors“ and „pistons“ are woven into the fabric in order to act either neutral when the posture is ideal as programmed or to release mechanical impulses to the skin when a non-ideal posture is assumed for too long – the feedback is on a time-lapse, as constant movement (tensing and relaxing of muscle groups) is endorsed.


Juan Sebastian Gomez from id2 came in second with „Pato“, an innovative teeth hygiene and oral health design especially for children. His project combines century-old natural methods with modern-day design adapted to smaller children’s specific needs to play and discover by chewing on ojects and ergonomics. Functionally, „Pato“ is based on traditional Miswak chewing sticks – very popular in Arab cultures – which are a natural toothbrush made from the twigs of the Salvadora persica tree.


Also: The Category „Experimental Design“ of the "Adolf Loos Staatspreis" was won by Robert Rüf, who graduated from id2 in 2005. His contract chair concept „links“ was developed as his graduation project from id2. The chairs’ linking element, the twisted metal frame, is an integrative part of ‘links’, on to which the seating shell can be fitted without any tool.

Links (photo by Michael Stelzhammer)