Juan-Sebastian Gomez
Image before
Image before
BogotáTaxi is a subsequent step to keep changing a city that proved that sustainability and high life quality are relatives.
The first step for the design was to study the city’s characteristics, to review her Mobility Master Plan and to acknowledge what provoked Bogotá’s turn, best exemplified through TransMilenio, a world class Rapid Bus Transit system.
Starting from the interior a form emerged that suits the necessities of passengers and drivers, whose working place is this particular car. Its friendly image remarks its public character, while the usage of indigenous elements reminds of its origin.
BogotáTaxi’s goal is to work within a system that’s aimed to be integrated with all other public transport utilities to achieve an effective and sustainable service.

Dimensions: 370 length x 152 width x 180 height in cm
Space Frame: Steel
Body’s Modules – Composite (SMC produced), already pigmented therefore no need of painting process
Body – Fibre reinforced (agricultural waste) composites
Seats – Foldable construction. Fibre reinforced (plantain fibre) composites
Power: gas, electric/solar or compressed air